Preserving the Building

South Aisle Roof Repair 2020
South Aisle Roof Repair 2020
Preservation Philosophy


The Church of the Covenant is an extraordinary building and is arguably the finest ecclesiastical work of Richard M. Upjohn. It contains an unparalleled treasure in its interior, a celebration of the very finest work of which the Tiffany Glass and Decorating Company was capable.  The gigantic art glass lantern alone has no equal in any church in the world.


Over the course of over 150 years, the Church of the Covenants endurance in near-original condition is testimony to the powerful beauty of its design, the quality of the materials and craftsmanship used in its construction and stewardship of its owners.  There has been no significant alteration to the church exterior since its dedication and to the sanctuary interior since the 1894 Tiffany redecoration.

Preserving the Historic Building


Efforts to repair and preserve the building can be divided into multiple time periods starting in the 1980s and continuing through today.  It is a testament to the church membership and outside supporters for their shared vision that so much has been accomplished.


Preservation Efforts 1980s

The Building as Part of Our Mission

Preservation Efforts 1991 – 2008


Preservation Efforts 2009

Comprehensive Building Conditions Assessment

Preservation Efforts 2010 – 2018

Greening the sanctuary and Boston CPA Funds

Preservation Efforts 2020

Tiffany Window Preservation Efforts

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