Tiffany Window Restoration

Cornelius and the Angel Window Restoration
By Serpentino Stained Glass Studio

This Tiffany window was determined to be in the worst condition by Serpentino Studio and close to collapse in 2018.  The church was able to raise the funds necessary to begin the one year restoration with generous donations from:


The window was removed on September 18, 2019 and taken to the Serpentino Studio.  The tabs below showcase the assessment phase of the restoration process; including condition, construction, cleaning and lead styles.

Example of missing glass
Example of cracked glass
Example of glass separation
Preparing to remove the window
Skillfully removing glass from the stone frame
Continuing to remove the full window

December 21, 2019 studio visit by a group of interested supporters.


In this first video, Roberto of Serpentino Stained Glass discusses the condition of the window, rubbings, construction & fabrication, cleaning between layers and styles of lead used by Tiffany Studios.

Centurion Top Section
Centurion Bottom Section
Angel Top Section
Angel Bottom Section
Close-up of glass and lead
Disassembled with notes
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