Covenant Boston Preservation Project



As 501(C)(3) organization, we accept donations from corporations and individuals. These gifts from corporations and individuals are tax deductible.



CBPP was established as a secular non-profit 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code to preserve and protect the historic structure known as Church of the Covenant located at 67 Newbury Street in Boston, MA, in order to promote the appreciation of history and educate the community about its architecture, history and cultural significance.


This entity separates all monies designated for the CBPP from those of the Church of the Covenant to insure that all the assets will be used exclusively for the preservation and restoration of the structure (inside and out) as well as education to the community.


Committed to restoring and maintaining this building as a historic edifice for future generations, and as a space that will provide beauty and public value for both the residents of Boston and the many visitors to our city.






President:  Betsy Groves

Treasurer:  Brian Bigler

Clerk:          Margaret Warner


Post office address:  67 Newbury Street, Boston MA  02116

email address:

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